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North East Genealogical Research (NEGenRes)

(Established 1994)

All of the genealogies published by Collins Publishing were researched and written by NEGenRes.

Since 1994 NEGenRes has researched the following families among many others:

Abel, Alexander, Alford, Arcand, Ball, Barlow, Bartlett, Beausoliel, Becker, Beeston, Bennett, Bidwell, Blevins, Blood, Bousque, Bowers, Boyce, Braley, Breland(Breichling), Bronk, Brooks, Bryan, Bulkeley, Burton, Butler, Cane, Charlton, Chartier, Chauncey, Cheney, Chevalier, Colburn, Coleman, Collins, Converse, Cooley, Coon, Costello, Crawford, Crete, Crosby, Cummings, D’Arcy, Danieland,  Dedrick, Dibble, Dodd, Dolbere, Doucet, Drace, Drury, Dudley, Ebenezer, Elliot, Ellmers, Eno, Ephraim, Esty, Eyre, Fabbri, Forcier, Fordred, Fowler, Funk, Funston, Gardner, Gauthier, Gaylord, Gibson, Gillette, Goodale, Goodhue, Goodrich, Gould, Gregory, Grosvenor, Gugel, Hammond, Hansen, Hanson, Hardy, Harper, Haskell, Haskins, Hazelton, Henry, Hobart, Hobart, Hobbs, Holland, Holton, Hough, Hubert, Huntington, Hus, Jackson, Jacob, James, Johnson, Jonas, Kelsey, Kendall, Kilmer, Kimmel, Klingler, Knowles, Kuhn(Coon), LaFarr, LaFontaine, Leggett, Leppard (LaPort), Littlefield, Lockhart, Loescher, Lovejoy, Mahaffey, Marcot, Marvin, Mathieu, Matteson, McLane, Melvin, Miller, Morgan, Morse, Mudge, Nevens, Newhall, Nobles, Noyes, Ordway, Perkins, Persinger, Phelps, Phillips, Pickering, Pike, Pittsley, Powers, Prescott, Reynolds, Robinson, Robitaille, Runnels, Russell, Samuel, Saraceno, Schneider, Seeley, Shattuck, Simeon, Skinner, Slaten, Spencer, Sturges, Sutphen, Taylor, Treat, Trice, Turney, Vacher, Verts, Voltz, Vore, Walfield, Walton, Weisinger, Weller, Westgate, White, Whitten, Wies, Williams, Wilson, Winegar, Wise, Wolbalt, Woodbridge, and Wright.

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