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No-Regrets-Cover-01No Regrets, a Novel, by Jo O’Connor - January 3013

No Regrets is a love story that begins on Sunday evening, May 4, 1958  as a  highly regarded, seasoned surgeon meets an unassuming, socially naive young intern in a Chicago Hospital.
In a week's time the surgeon sweeps the intern off her feet and convinces her to accept a residency position in New York in the hospital where he is the Director. Soon after, he makes it clear he is prepared to protect her with a lifelong lie. His love wins her over and they marry.
Suddenly it becomes apparent that there could be some regrets on the part of both doctors before the honeymoon is even over.

Not long after they are married the intern begins to believe she is walking in the shadow of the surgeon's dead wife. Her independent nature is tested on more than one occasion. Then one stormy night she is in a near fatal accident. The accident is deemed an attempted murder, and leads to shocking revelations during an unusual trial.

No Regrets is available on and is also available on Kindle.


Isgal-Cover-2Isgalduin by R. C. Setarcos - January 2013

Many ages ago Elves and Dwarves worked as allies. Together they fashioned many of the great treasures of the world. When the races became estranged, the great learning and craft that each possessed were turned to making things of destruction and domination. The Great War of the Old Kindreds followed. When the war ended, the wise of both Elves and Dwarves decided to do away with these evil devices. All those devices that could be used against Elf, Dwarf, or Man were removed from this plane by the power of the Amulet of Quilan. The Amulet itself was the sole remaining artifact of the elder ages. Now one of the ancient Powers from ages past has returned and possesses the Amulet, and with it he intends to enthrall the world of Isgalduin. Led by a six thousand year old elf priestess, a seven foot wizard and an Amazon warrior, the free cities of Isgalduin unite to face this ancient menace. Joined by a King, a thief, a horse Chieftain and a swordsman, they decide to take on the evil Power in his own lair. Faced with the destruction of their world if they fail, the quest to save Isgalduin leaves no option but to succeed or die trying.

The book is available on and on Kindle.

TOI-CoverTales of Isgalduin edited by R.C. Setarcos. The sword and sorcery book, Isgalduin, was published in 2013 and created the back drop for all the stories in this anthology. Soon after its publication it was obvious from the many tales hinted at, or sometimes mentioned in passing in Isgalduin, that more stories needed to be written concerning the characters and places, the history which we only see for the very brief period of the book.
The tales contained herein stretch over many thousands of Isgalduin years. Some occur many years before the story told in Isgalduin, and some occur thousands of years after. Over so many years even the geographical names change from story to story. This anthology brings together a selection of the best stories submitted for Tales of Isgalduin. Included are stories by up and coming writers David Nash and C.I.V.M. Collins. If Isgalduin continues to generate more spin off stories then we will continue the publish them. Slowly the collective creativity of the writers will flesh out this world and make it richer for all who like to read.

Available on Amazon

Haydens-War-Cover-FinalHayden’s War by David Nash. Hayden Vance is fairly typical high school student.  He gets good grades, has a few friends, and likes to play computer games.  But when Francine introduces him to a new game she found online, Hayden’s world gets turned upside down.  He finds himself leading a small band of teens through an elaborate computer simulation created by an alien race as a challenge – a war game which will actually decide humanity’s fate.  It’s a war that Hayden and his friends must win.
But he won’t even be allowed to play unless he can get his English grade up...

Reviews of Hayden’s War…
5 out of 5 stars in every review on (10/18/2015)

“This was a fun adventure. I enjoyed the gaming aspect of the novel and having teenagers face major problems. The team work and networking the teenagers develop was awesome!”

“I loved the book. It is a quick fun read with action and a good plot. I am not into tech or computer lingo but the story grabbed me. Enjoy this book on a rainy weekend or at the beach.”

“I have to admit that this story is geared more towards techies and tweens than older women, such as myself, but that being said, the book was fun to read, it was an easy read with some cool ideas. I couldn't wait to get to the end to see how the main characters would handle such a momentous task as saving the earth. David lets you get to know the characters individually and you will be drawn to some more than others. All in all, if you are into video games and aliens, this book is for you.”

“A well thought out story and a really fun read”

Available on Amazon and Kindle

Chronos-06-for-webScythe of Chronos by David Nash. Griffin Sanders is a man with a mission.  He is trying hard to forget a long and disastrous tour in Afghanistan as a medic with an elite Ranger unit.  When a beautiful woman and a mysterious group from a giant airship visit him at the Burning Man Festival, Griffin sees it as more of the festival’s entertainment.  However, when he discovers the giant battlecruiser hovering above the festival is not a balloon but a real warship he’s launched into adventure.
    Spies, sabotage, naval battles, time travel are just the beginning.  The clock is ticking and the multiverse hangs on the precipice of war.
   The Storm is coming for Griffin Sanders. 

Available on Amazon and Kindle


Scenic-Drive-cover-14Scenic Drive by Ajeeb Prince. Scenic Drive tells the tale of a string of mysterious disappearances that have plagued the Caribbean island of St. Croix. Evidence is never found, bodies never discovered, and the island’s citizens look for a sign of solace in such a tragic time. The closet clue is revealed when Sinclair Giddens is presumed missing among the bushy hills of Scenic Drive. With no other clues, her boyfriend, Aubrey Carter is accused. However, the detective investigating these disappearances, Luther Howell, doesn’t believe Aubrey is to blame.

Aubrey uses the assistance of strangers to learn that these disappearances are part of a larger scale. From monstrous beasts lurking in the dark, ambitious hunters, and a mysterious couple harboring neglected children, Scenic Drive isn’t the most common island destination. The overeager Aubrey, the loving Sinclair, and the relentless Howell find themselves on three different corners of one grotesque mystery.

Available on Amazon and Kindle


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