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Cookbook-Cover-smallThis book is a collection of recipes created in the kitchen of the Lakes Region Culinary Institute. These recipes, like all recipes, are not created out of thin air. You will detect influences from Europe especially the Mediterranean region. The Institute is located in the southern foothills of the White Mountains in New Hampshire which has a large and vibrant Canadian French derived population, and many of the local White Mountain recipes demonstrate the wonderful influence of the French ancestors of today’s northern New Hampshire people. Where appropriate the wines  served at the Institute with each recipe are given.
    Many people have contributed to  this collection. Not the least of these people have been Janice Collins and William Bronk. Every recipe in this book is a dish serve at the Lakes Region Culinary Institute; none are included here just for filler or show. Many these dishes where served at The Café on the Common and at the LRCI cooking school.
    During a serving of the roast brined duck recipe at the Café on the Common, one man was so impressed he got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend right at the table. She accepted. That’s a sign of a good duck!! The Lakes Region Culinary Institute Cookbook is available on Amazon.


Cookbook-2This, our second cookbook, ended in a place we did not intend when we started developing and testing the recipes. Halfway though and without warning we needed to make sure that healthy, low carb and low saturated fat recipes became a major part of the repertoire.

Our location in the White Mountains exposes us to a large amount of great Canadian French cooking. We have include many od those
dishes, sometimes made healthy, by the replacement of high glycemic carbs with low glycemic carbs, the replacement of saturated fats with
olive oil and other good oils. We did not
diminish the flavors, just the guilt.

We also decided to add a section on comfort foods and collected some of the best New York and New England recipes for long-term
favorites such as Dirty John’s Hot Dog topping,  and added healthy comfort foods such as whole grain pizza dough recipes.
Eat Well and Stay Healthy is available on Amazon.

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